Meander 2018

    Meander    Open Championship Trial. 1st Bernard McGLASHAN with Nell (77+69)=146 2nd Micheal GRANT and Dot (80+65)=145 3rd Martin WADDINGHAM and Meg (75+63)= 138 4th Martin Waddingham and Harry (75+52)=127 5th Geoff ELMER and Davey (78+47)=125   Meander Improver Trial  1st John BRAMICH and Snake (58+66)=124 Meander Novice Trial  1st Martin WADDINGHAM and Harry (18+56)=74  

Rosevale 2018 Trial

    Rosevale   Open Championship Trial. 1st  Lee Jamieson with  STEELE (65+83)=148 2nd Bernard McGLASHAN with Nell (74+50)=124 3rd Mary SOUTHERAN with Zero  (72+44) = 116 4th Lyall Kelly and Boy (65+41)=106 5th Martin Waddingham and Harry (80+X)=80  

Connorville Trial 2018

    Connorville  Open Trial. 1st Micheal GRANT with McGLASHANS Mintie  (86+85)= 1712 2nd  Justin PINNER and Native Rock Quinn (81+89)=170 3rd Martin Waddingham and Waterlea Patch  (92+77) = 169 4th Carol WALDUCK with Fleetwood Charm  (85+59) = 144 5th  Carmen BLYTH with Sommerville Spec  (81+r)= 81.