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Tasmania announces dates for 2022 Supreme October 15 to 23

The TWSDA is hosting the 2022 Supreme Australian Sheepdog Championships and Trans Tasman Test Series as well as a full calendar of events pre and post the Supreme.

The health and welfare of our members and the broader community continue to be our main priority and we have implemented a Covid-Safe Plan for all upcoming events.

Spectators are welcome at events but all attendees must observe social-distancing rules and any directions from event organisers.

Congratulations on visiting the T.W.S.D.A website. By choosing to look here you will be amazed with what Tasmanian Sheep Dog Trialing has to offer.

Whether you are a tourist, a local or a keen competitor, you will find all the information required on one convenient site.

Follow the series, check out all the latest trial results and keep a keen eye on your favourite dog and worker combo’s progress on the consistency award leadership section.

If you are looking for an exciting activities to add to your itinerary in Tasmania, then check out our events calendar for dates and venues all around our great island and come experience sheepdogs up close and in action.

AGFEST (R6) @ Quercus Park
Aug 24 – Aug 27 all-day
Launceston Show @ Quercus Park
Oct 6 – Oct 8 all-day
2022 CopRice Supreme Australian Championships & Trans Tasman Test @ Campbell Town War Memorial Grounds
Oct 15 – Oct 23 all-day





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